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5 Reasons to Love Natulique Dry Shampoo

5 Reasons to Love Natulique Dry Shampoo

July 10, 2018

Split ends, dryness, flaky scalps, fading colour…

When your clients use conventional shampoos with harsh chemicals at home, the list of consequences for excessive hairwashing is long.

But is “no-poo” the sole solution for constantly clean but healthy hair?

Absolutely not!

All it takes is a little NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo every once in a while.

We’ll show you five properties we love our Dry Shampoo for – because no shampoo is no solution either…

1 The Stylist: When the grip drops

When your client’s hair is naturally slick, soft or just freshly washed, the Dry Shampoo adds texture and grip for easy styling or fixed braids and updos. Available in two different tones, it adds dimension to the color and can be used to apply subtle lowlight and highlight effects. After providing hold for a whole day, combing through will still be easier for your client than with hairspray.

2 The Volumizer: When you need that extra boost of energy

A few quick sprays of NATULIQUE Dry Shampoo will lift your hair naturally at the scalp. Blending into either bright or dark hair, it adds body and makes it fuller.

3 The Degreaser: When time is short

It happens to all of us: We oversleep, have to leave the gym in a hurry or just want to spare our hair another wash.

4 The Healer: Feed your scalp

For beautiful hair, we need healthy hair – isn’t this one of the most basic rules of our craft?

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